A Human Touch: Managing Employee Contentment During the Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution

With advances in machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence, it’s no wonder that many of us fear the digital revolution, a future that excludes humans. Although many of these concerns are founded, the truth is, that even as we transition towards technological innovation, a human touch remains crucial within business.

Those of us in leadership positions are responsible for acknowledging this and alleviating concerns. I will explain how implementing new strategies into our business process can ensure all human employees feel valued during the transition to the digital revolution.

Human Resources

Most business leaders are not experts in human resources. For this reason, investing in HR and building a department that can inform happy, productive work cultures is important. If you have the resources, it might even be worth introducing a CHRO position to help drive company reform and represent ‘the human element’ in the C-suite.

What Is a Digital Transition?

A digital transition, in the context of business, refers to the process of embracing technology to automate and streamline various operations and processes within an organization. This involves moving away from traditional manual methods and adopting digital tools and solutions that enable businesses to operate more efficiently, effectively, and with greater agility.

The digital transition involves integrating digital technologies into all aspects of a business, including sales and marketing, finance, customer service, supply chain management, and more. Ultimately, a successful digital transition can position a business to better compete in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven marketplace.

Digital Revolution: Automation

Discuss with your team how digital innovations can make their jobs easier. Using automation AI is just one example. Thanks to automation AI features, capabilities and more, utilising an automation and AI platform offers businesses a powerful toolset to revolutionise their operations and enhance efficiency. This comprehensive platform encompasses essential features like process mapping and modelling, workflow automation, data integration, analytics, and reporting capabilities.

By leveraging these tools, organizations can map out intricate business processes, automate repetitive tasks, seamlessly integrate data from various sources, and gain valuable insights through analytics and reporting. This transformation enables companies to streamline their operations, minimize errors, and substantially boost productivity. As a result, employees can focus on more strategic tasks, while the organization as a whole becomes more agile, adaptable, and capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly changing business landscape.


Above all else, active communication stands as the most important meditation tool as your business reaches digital maturity. It’s important to provide opportunities for your team to speak their mind and air any concerns – consider hosting weekly meetings, one-on-ones, and workshops, and provide a platform for individuals to leave feedback.

You should also feel confident expressing the company’s appreciation for and acknowledgment of its employees. Email round-ups, employee of the month programs, and other methods can help to convey this.

Flexible Working

Unlike computers, humans need time to rest, recharge or enjoy themselves, and no one knows their limits as well as the employees themselves. Trusting your team with their own schedule can result in higher output and increased contentment and save you money on the overheads needed to run an office.

If you have concerns about introducing this new practice, it’s sometimes a good idea to implement steps incrementally, offering remote working one or two days a week and supplementing this with comms apps that help everyone to stay in touch.

Create an Invitation to Social Events

A workplace without social events can quickly begin to feel mechanical. It’s important, therefore, to schedule plenty of opportunities for your team to get to know each other and switch off from screens & spreadsheets.

Corporate Event

Try to focus on activities with a human angle, that gives everyone a chance to interact with each other and converse without awkwardness – a company sport’s day, for example, could be great for breaking the ice and involving everyone. Whatever you choose, make it fun and official by sending out invitations.


Employee benefits are another way to express appreciation for your team members and ensure they feel acknowledged during a digital transition. Make sure you’re picking benefits packages that reflect their personal needs – paid personal days and extra paid vacation time, for example, can contribute to acquiring and retaining talent.

Business Process Management

If you want to improve the consistency and well-being of your employees without affecting their productivity, it’s important to take a closer look at their work processes. Business Process Management (BPM) can help to automate and refine your workflows so the team is free to focus on more rewarding, valuable tasks. This can help employees to be more engaged as well as improve efficiency, reducing error and benefiting your company’s bottom line. When creating your BPM framework, be sure to monitor its effectiveness on a regular basis, taking steps to improve the process and output.

Guide Your Team Through the Transition

Technology can be both a welcome and intimidating component within a business. If you want to introduce digital solutions and automation seamlessly, it’s important to pay close attention to how they might be affecting your work culture and the working lives of those using them.


Amanda Henderson is a mom to two wonderful, active boys and a preschool teacher. She hopes to combine the knowledge and experience from both to educate others and keep our kiddos safe.

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