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Passionate and curious in everything I do. Simplicity, Integrity and Creativity are my other values.

I spent much time working in the family business during my studies. I learned about the value of hard work, teamwork, customer loyalty, and the importance of innovation, no matter the company’s size.

Following chartered accountant studies in Paris and my first eyes opening experience of six months in the UK, I decided to work abroad, move out of my comfort zone, and change a have a well-planned life. In my working experiences, I have switched back and forth from finance to operations roles to move to general management finally. I am grateful to have worked in many diverse, multicultural environments, both in start-up mode and large multinational companies. All these companies had one thing in common: number 1 in their market. It was very demanding but also a great source of motivation.

After more than 20 years in the corporate world, I became an entrepreneur in 2021. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and wife, I love teaching, training and reading.

I designed a bespoke digital toolbox and provided one-to-one and group training around soft skills and boost sessions. For more information, please write to me (davidngousset@gmail.com).

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David Gousset

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